Enter our challenge- have some fun!

ALL AGES WELCOME!   Three prize categories!

Do it just for fun, or if you would like to enter the contest, please click on the "ENTER THE CONTEST" link below.


Entry fee is $3


DEADLINE TO ENTER- April 30th at midnight.

Pass the word!!! 

Tell your friends and have some fun!


Category 1:  Ages 5-9

Category 2:  Ages 10-15

Category 3:  Ages 16- adults



1- Draw or trace a lightbulb. (You can you the sample one or any variety of a light bulb)

2- Fill the bulb with something clever and unusual.

3- Once your have your idea, create a final piece using any medium that you want!



• Watercolor

• Colored Pencils

• Acrylic or Oil Paints on a canvas or board

• Fimo- sculpt it!

• Mixed medium

• Charcoal on toned paper

• Pen n Ink

4- If you would like to enter the contest, click on the "Enter the contest" link below and fill out the form & pay. 

5- Snap a picture of your completed artwork and email it to susiebtw@gmail.com. (please include name and email address) 


Think outside the box, try to be creative

and most especially HAVE FUN!


Artwork must be submitted by Thursday, April 30th at midnight.

We will post the winners in each category, Friday, May 1st!

All entries will be posted on the website!

So check back and see all the creativity!

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