Watercolor Workshop

Sat. • April 27th • 9am- 4pm

$159 (includes lunch)

Carl is a well known Watercolorist, who teaches composition along with painting techniques.  The workshop will focus on how to visualize the painting in the subject matter, how to reduce it to three basic value areas, and how to paint the patterns instead of the things.


Techniques vary from individual to individual, but this is the way good artists see and organize a painting. It is not the subject that makes a good painting, it is the organization. Mediocre technique can be overcome by a powerful or strong design, but a weak composition cannot produce a strong painting even with great technique. Cut your painting time and make better paintings - it’s a win/win deal.



2B drawing pencil

4 quarter sheets of watercolor paper (buy a large sheet of Arches at Hobby Lobby and cut)

Watercolor paints and brushes

Mounting board

Bio of Carl Purcell:

Carl Purcell taught painting and drawing at Snow College in Utah for 30 years. He is currently retired from the college but is a popular painting and drawing workshop instructor, having conducted workshops throughout the West, from Alaska to Arizona , and in Great Britain.

Carl is the author of the North Light publications, Painting With Your Artist’s Brain (a watercolor book) and Drawing With Your Artist’s Brain. In addition his art has been featured in numerous articles published in The Artist’s Magazine and in Splash I. He has been invited to jury exhibits in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Michigan and California.

Carl has achieved signature member status in the National Watercolor Society and was given honor member status in the Utah Watercolor Society for his contributions to watercolor in the state. He has won numerous awards, including a purchase award in the 2008 National Watercolor Society’s international exhibition. In 2009 Carl was chosen as one of the panel of three judges for the National Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition.

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