Four Week Workshop •  $84

April 9th- 30th

Tuesdays  • 9:00 am- 10:30 am


How do you paint a white bird or white paper? How can you add depth to something that is white? Come join us for this watercolor workshop on "Whites & Lights" where you will learn how to add color and depth to a variety of white subjects.


We will paint a snow scene, white swan and more as you learn how to add interest and realism to your paintings!




• 4- 9 X 12" sheets of Arches 140# watercolor paper.

• A variety of flat, round, angle brushes.

• Palette with plenty of room for mixing colors (large folding or flat)

• Gatorboard-(hard surface board for mounting and stretching watercolor paper.)

• Your watercolor paints (no need to buy anything new if you already have something, but here is a list if you don't.

Watercolor Paints: Should be on the palette and dried before workshop starts if possible.


(these are suggestions- similar colors are fine)

Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna

Sap Green

Ultramarine Blue

Lemon Yellow Hue or Arzo Yellow

Cad Yellow

Cad Red

Quin. Rose

Hookers Green

Dioxazine Violet

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue

Burnt Umber

Alizarian Crimson

Cadmium Orange

VanDyke Brown


Paper towels or old towel

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