Three Week Workshop •  $64

January 8th- 22nd 

Tuesdays  • 9:00 am- 10:30 am


In this three week workshop, we will focus on reflections in metal, chrome and brass! You will learn how to paint these surfaces so they look shiny, and reflect the surrounding colors.   


Supplies needed:

standard watercolor paints and brushes

140 lb. Arches Watercolor paper

3- 9x12” Arches Watercolor Paper (140lb. Cold Press)

A variety of flat, round, angle brushes.

Watercolor Paints: Should be on the palette and dried before workshop starts if possible.

(these are suggestions- similar colors are fine) 
Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna 
Sap Green 
Ultramarine Blue 
Lemon Yellow Hue or Arzo Yellow 
Cad Yellow 
Cad Red 
Quin. Rose 
Hookers Green  
Dioxazine Violet  
Cobalt Blue 
Cerulean Blue 
Burnt Umber 
Alizarian Crimson 
Cadmium Orange

VanDyke Brown 

Paper towels or old towel

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