Watercolor Pour Workshop

Sat. • May 11th • 9am- 4pm

$159 (includes lunch)

Have you ever noticed the beautiful, subtle color blends in a master's watercolor painting and wonder how that look was achieved?  Well, it may have been produced using the "pour" method.  In this workshop, we'll be mostly pouring watercolor rather than brushing it, to get pretty color blends and interesting fills.  This technique can be used for backgrounds or entire pieces.

Sally teaches in a very hands on fashion, and loves to include unique tips and tricks for creating amazing artwork!


• Watercolor paint tubes you have on hand (not dried on a palette)
• Your watercolor palette with paints dried on palette
• A few paintbrushes you have on hand (if you don’t have any we will provide)
• 5x7 drawing or printed photo with strong light/shadow contrast (or use one we provide)
• Watercolor paper - approx. 8x10
• #2 or 2B drawing pencil and eraser

Sally has a creative bent that finds outlet in many mediums. Although she usually works with traditional drawing and painting mediums, or carving relief print blocks, she has also used x-rays, eggs, and dryer lint. She might also be found
sculpting in the kitchen instead of cooking or creating an assemblage on the way to the garbage can, but she tries to keep that behavior to a minimum.


After decades of learning about drawing and painting through self-exploration, books and workshops, she enrolled at Utah State University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After a short break she completed the Master’s program in Art Education at Brigham Young University, her graduate studies of teaching
methods in post-secondary and community settings have also influenced her own art and how she expresses herself. Her thesis focused on printmaking in the community. Sally has been teaching group and private art at several places in
the last few years, including Salt Lake Community College and Kendali Studios.


Sally’s art has been featured in several solo exhibits in Logan and Ogden, with installations in Salt Lake, and individual artwork included in many other art shows throughout the west. She was able to serve as an Artist In Residence at Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado Arizona in 2012, and then in 2018 as Weir Farm Artist In Residence in Wilton, Connecticut.
She is inspired by personal experience and looks for those visual “aha” moments, which can occur any place, or any time. Her current artwork includes life-size relief prints, poured watercolor, detailed ink drawings, and colorful mixed
media pieces.

Susie Bytheway Art Studio • 11049 S. 1700 E. • Sandy, Utah • 84092 • 801-833-3463 • susiebytheway.com • Email: susiebtw@gmail.com

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