ALL DAY SATURDAY Workshop - includes lunch

Saturday  •  May 11th

9:00 am- 4:00 pm

18 yrs- Adults


Would you like to have beautiful, subtle color blends in your watercolor paintings? One way is using the "pour" method to get amazing, and sometimes unexpected, results.  In this workshop, we'll be mostly pouring watercolor rather than brushing it, to get unique color blends and interesting fills.  This technique can be used for backgrounds or entire pieces.

Students will be able to work on an image of their own choosing.  Please bring an assortment of photos you like to choose from. See supply list)

• Watercolor paint tubes you have on hand (not dried on a palette)
• Your watercolor palette with paints dried on palette
• A few paintbrushes you have on hand (if you don’t have any we will provide)
• 5x7 drawing or printed photo with strong light/shadow contrast (or use one we provide)
• Watercolor paper - approx. 8x10
• #2 or 2B drawing pencil and eraser

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